Makana Tribe

Join the Tribe!

As a member of the Makana Tribe, you join a special community of monthly donors.

Your monthly gift ensures Hang Tough Hero Families receive services they need to provide a sense of normalcy as well as a build a community to provide a refuge and outlet that supports the entire family.

All the funds stay local and are invested in programs that assist Hero Families right here in Tallahassee.

Join The Tribe Today!

If you would prefer to pay monthly via check in the mail–this is an option, too! Download and print the following pledge form and mail to Hang Tough!

Download Monthly Giving Pledge Form


The name Makana in Hawaiian means “Gift”. Makana is also an iconic mountain on the island of Kauai. Tribe in “Surfer Lingo” means a tight-knit family.

Together, our tight-knit family of monthly givers will help us #MoveMountainsTogether as we support local families.

Ever wondered why Hang Tough Foundation has a “Surfer Theme” and the shaka symbol? Read our blog post to learn more!