Building Hope. Building Community. Building Hang Tough Hero Families.
All Programs and Services are available at no-cost to Hang Tough Hero Families.

  • Care Packages
    • Welcome packages are sent to all new Hang Tough Heroes and their families
    • Individualized Care packages are sent to families during times of need (i.e. surgeries, etc)
    • Individualized Grief Packages sent to families who have lost a child
    • Provide a sense of community and support
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  • Support Groups
    • Opportunity for caregivers to learn tangible coping skills and tools for daily life
    • Led by clinical social workers
    • Coffee and Community- hosted on the first Tuesday of every month in the mornings
    • Exchange Groups- hosted on the last Monday of every month in the evenings
    • Free Child Care is provided at both with RSVP
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  • Parents' Day/Night Out
    • Background checked, medically trained and special education volunteers provide child care in a small child to volunteer ratio setting
    • Organized playtime with other peers
    • Opportunity for caregivers to get the much needed respite time
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  • Family Fun Event
    • Allow families to have time to re-connect and engage with one another and build community
    • Past events include FSU baseball games, Fun Station, Redemptive Love Farm, and much more!
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  • Sidekick Day
    • Providing one-on-one time for caregivers and siblings of Heroes to connect
    • Sidekick goodie bag and award provided
    • Childcare is provided for the Hero with RSVP
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  • Tutoring
    • Tutoring provided to both Heroes and Sidekicks
    • Improvement in school skills include improved grades and ability to stay on track
    • Decreased family stress levels
    • Improvement in mental health of caregivers
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  • Teen Hangout
    • Events exclusively for our teenage Heroes and Sidekicks (Ages 12 and Up)
    • Allows teens to participate in activities correlated with their age group
    • Builds a sense of independence and responsibility
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  • School Supply Drive
    • Provides a month long community supply drive which allows Hero families to shop for school supplies at no cost
    • Opportunity to relieve stress and provide a sense of financial relief
    • Allows children to start school year off on the right foot
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  • Santa Day
    • No stress opportunity to participate in a normal childhood experience
    • One on one private, individualized time with Santa for both heroes and sidekicks
    • Experience tailored to the needs of each child
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